Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Photo: 65-mile ride, 7-mile run, 6:00am, 65 degrees, Linn County, Iowa

Weekly activity log:
Swim: 9,600 yds (ytd 142,900 yds.)
Bike: 174 miles (ytd 3,151 mi.)
Run: 35 miles (ytd 752 mi.)

Holiday Weekend Flat-O-Rama checklist:

-Ignore rim tape for years
-Ride 15 miles...get a flat
-Swap out flat tube with broken presta tube
-Force 30 lbs of pressure and pray it gets you home
-Get close to home and make sure Big Al gets a flat
-Ensure that Big Al gets a second flat
-Have friendly fella in pickup offer his compressor
-Have friendly guy in pickup scratch head over "presta"
-Witness Big Al performing the walk of shame
-Limp home and swap skinny, flat tires for gravel grinders
-Enjoy good ol' American dust


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C. P. said...

Gonna get ya

XTREME HercuLEAN© ™ ® Epic Rockstar said...

What a surreal post...