Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly activity log:
Swim: 0 yds (ytd 66,050 yds.)
Bike: 111 miles (ytd 5,803 mi.)
Run: 35 miles (ytd 1,621 mi.)

I had to grab a quick lunch the other day. Too many deadlines and too little time for a workout (besides, the temps were hovering around zero and I'd already been out for an early-morning run in the -20 wind chill. Frostbite twice in one day? Nah.).

So I drove thru the local Taco Bell®, placed my order for six softshell tacos (yes, six) and proceeded to window #2 (#1 was frozen). The Iowa-friendly gal (as in "thanks, hon") then handed over my six softshell tacos (yes, six) and my $.13 in change.

While the six softshell tacos (yes, six) made it into my vehicle, the change dropped to the ground during hand-off. There were cars lined up behind me; the counter to my left prevented my door from opening; and did I mention the temps were hovering around zero? So I drove off, leaving my $.13 behind.

And that's when I started thinking...

There are roughly 195,000 fast-food restaurants in the U.S. (don't ask, I just know these things). At least half of them have drive-thru counters. Now let's assume each of those 97,500 drive-thru lanes sees roughly 50 cars on any given lunch hour. Of those 50 cars, I'd bet 10 of their drivers lose $.13 in the now-dreaded hand-off. I'm no genius, but my little Microsoft® calculator tells me that 97,500 x 10 x $.13 = $126,750.00.

Every lunch hour, guys (and gals) like me are skipping their workouts (cut me some slack, the temps were hovering around zero... did I mention that?) only to toss a six-figure income out the window... every single lunch break.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of skipping lunch to go for a run. In 60 minutes I can jog over to the local fast-food shop and collect $1.30 in dropped change. If I keep it up for another 40 years , I'll bag $18,980. Can I get a "Hell yeah!"

Then again, I hear the temps tomorrow are supposed to be hovering around zero...


The Taylor Tabloid said...

This post provides a valuable insight into what you might think about (among other things) during those long swims, bikes and runs. Wasted brain cells? I think not if you can score $18,000 (and change) from your ambitious plan. Let us know how that all works out, will ya?

The Pitbull said...

195,000 fast food "restaurants" in the EWE-ESS-AYE? Next you are going to tell me 70% of the population is overweight or obese!

Just stick a fork in Amerika and roll us over, we're done...

Anonymous said...


nicheplayer said...

My dad used to take my brother and me to MO every year around the 4th of July to score fireworks. Went down through Keokuk. Anywho, we'd make a stop at a Hardee's along the way and order 30 hamburgers for lunch. The incredulity in the voice of the Hardee's employ crackling over the speaker was the highlight of the trip. Which is really saying something, if you know what it's like to go to MO as a 12-year-old boy to score fireworks.

Peace be with you, Pete.