Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photo: 27-mile single-speed ride, 2-mile run, 9 a.m., 34 degrees, Linn County, Iowa

Weekly activity log:
Swim: 0 yds (ytd 62,850 yds.)
Bike: 135 miles (ytd 4,978 mi.)
Run: 15 miles (ytd 1,375 mi.)


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool CP, I guess the only thing to make it cooler would be the DRE going airborne over the skinny fella taking videos with only 1 gear. HA, like one of those gears is "warp speed" anyway. Sorry I missed it!


The Pitbull said...

This looks much like a video our certified indoor group cycling instructor played for us on the wall of the cycling studio as they guided all of us through our personal cycling journey!

The Taylor Tabloid said...

Nice ride. A gruesome wipe out with corresponding hit and run would make for some good Cohen Bro. fodder. And were the heck are the rabid dogs? Slick vid, bro. -ATF

Anonymous said...

Forgot how beautiful NE Iowa can be! Awesome video! Loved it

Anonymous said...

Awesome video Mr. Ylvisaker! At least your weather is still allowing you to ride. My bike is up for the season and now my board is out taking me down the big hills! Loved the video!

Ron said...

that was nice