Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photo: 42-mile single-speed ride, 2-mile run, 9 a.m., 30 degrees, Linn County, Iowa

Weekly activity log:
Swim: 0 yds (ytd 62,850 yds.)
Bike: 110 miles (ytd 4,843 mi.)
Run: 32 miles (ytd 1,360 mi.)

The gravel roads of Iowa -- where cyclists conquer... furniture?


The Old Bag said...

Great shot -- we came across something similar in the middle of a regional park reserve deep in the hiking trails...soggy sofa, easy chair, broken coffee table...rug....

The Pitbull said...

I will be relieved when cyclists are banned from roads here in Iowa and quit dumping old furniture and trash in the ditches.