Sunday, January 04, 2009

Photo: 2-hour single-speed ride, 15-minute run, 8:30 a.m., 18 degrees, single-digit windchill, Linn County, IA

Weekly activity log:
Swim: 2,300 yds (ytd 0 yds.)
Bike: 96 miles (ytd 61 mi.)
Run: 24 miles (ytd 14 mi.)

The Diesel made me do it.


Anonymous said...

riding through the field and singing with the scarecrow "if I only had a brain..."

Cross Cell Overkill said...


That is SO EXXXTRME!!! I got so stoked I downed a gallon of Mountain Dew and 4 big old bags of Doritos Extreme Cool Ranch flavor in your honor.

Loved the comment on Diesel. Was that like a Diesel Watch or like Vin Deisel?

OK, dude, I am out of here because I am not worthy.

C. P. said...

Cross Cell Overkill RAWKS!