Sunday, June 05, 2011

Photo: Sprint Tri, 7:00am, 65 degrees, Pleasant Creek State Park, Iowa

Weekly activity log:
Swim: 8,800 yds (ytd 122,400 yds.)
Bike: 61 miles (ytd 2,605 mi.)
Run: 31 miles (ytd 648 mi.)

Thank you to Powerbar for nutrition, THE Crucible for inspiration, Cervelo for aerodynamics, Zoot for spandex and footwear, Xterra for neoprene, Honda for a reasonable vehicle, fixies for the effort, Culligan for soft water, Neil Young for Cortez the Killer, Camus for The Plague, Sharpie for the numbers, Zach for Rage, one of the local pizza deliverers, James Baldwin for opening my eyes, Pitbull for regular beatdowns and therapy, gravel for the roads less traveled, The Reverend for 20 years of this sh#$, Big Al for being so damned big, the sun for finally shining, the temperature for going up... what am I forgetting?


Ron said...

all the folks in blue shirts.

C. P. said...

Indeed... the folks in blue shirts along with the officers who took an earful from both cyclists and drivers.

nicheplayer said...

So long as Neil is in there somewhere, your list is complete.