Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photo: 38-mile gravel ride, 8-mile run, 9:00am, 45 degrees, Linn County, Iowa

Weekly activity log:
Swim: 1,200 yds (ytd 3,300 yds.)
Bike: 128 miles (ytd 1,056 mi.)
Run: 33 miles (ytd 316 mi.)

Oh deer.

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The Pitbull said...

I find it a sad reflection on our society in that neither the deer or the Christmas tree belongs as trash discarded in the ditch. The deer, like many animals is being forced out through greed - look at the McMansions just down the road from where the photo was taken. The self absorbed attitude diplayed by the Christmas tree being tossed in the ditch shows how the Druid purpose of the tree is lost in a commercial society that lacks respect for itself and other sentinent beings.