Sunday, January 28, 2007

Photo: 2-hour bike/run brick, 6:30 a.m., -26 degrees outside/ 69 degrees in the basement

Weekly activity log:
Swim: 7,500 yds (ytd 26,000 yds.)
Bike: 84 miles (ytd 353 mi.)
Run: 24 miles (ytd 101 mi.)

Boredom outweighs frostbite.


M.J. Paulsen said...

What brand of running shoes are you wearing? Are they any good?

C. P. said...

Pearl Izumi... the first pair of theirs I've owned. Light and very comfortable. It'll be interesting to see how long they last. If their clothing is any indication, I'll be wearing them for many, many miles.

M.J. Paulsen said...

I've never tried that shoe before. I hope they work out for you.